Monday, May 9, 2016

Ikea is always awesome

And some antique store in Jakarta

Say hello to old Baron! He is still pretty!

Hello again!

It's been a while... I've been busy being a mom. You know, being a dumb person who tries to fix a little person kinda thing. So anyway... these days I'm quite content with my life. No family drama! Just some school dramas :P

Last week I got a cute little camera! So excited about it. I always use DSLR, big camera, but lately the weight is killing my shoulder. I guess I'm getting old :( Sooo... just like the others I'm convert to a baby camera they called "mirrorless". This little thing is a bit pricey, I hope it's as powerful as the price :P. I checked the price here and there, and got the cheapest one from Japan. My cousin, who lives in Japan, helped me to get the camera with 2 decent lenses. Yay!

Since I couldn't really go anywhere (final test is coming soon) so the only event that I can use to test the camera is my cousin's engagement party. Congrats Cuzzy!!!

The bride to be :D

Happy Mom in law to be

My chubby son was having too much fun

The fishes in the pond were fighting for food

Shy bride

The groom to be

Side by side

And finally... standard family picture