Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Craziness For Baron

He is absolutely a talented photo model! My ugly duckling finally shows his true self as a photogenic matter. Lol. My easiest photo session with animal is with my beloved daschund, Baron. He will sit if I ask him to sit, lay down, lay on his back, and I can manage in which direction his eyes should be. He has an aristocrate look that make him even cuter than ever (for me). Don't believe me? These pictures would tell you the truth...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cooking for Idiot

I hate cooking! Ahahaha. I hate oily stuff, the heat and washing the dishes. But now i have a boy who should get a better food, better nutrition and *mom's love*. Despite all the things i hate about it, I start learning how to cook. My son cheers me all the time if I cook and that's surely makes me happy. Like today, the first thing he said when he woke me up in the morning (he always gets up earlier than me. Lazy mom!) is : "Mommy let's cook! Come on! Cook!" And he dragged me to the door (when my eyes was still closed). So... I climbed down the stairs (still with the closed eyes) and walked around with my boy behind me shouted "Cook! Mommy cook!" and pushed me to the kitchen.

Finally I gave up and opened my eyes and made pancakes (his favourite breakfast). Hope he doesn't do this every morning to me. One time is cute, but everyday is annoying.

Here is some idiot cooking session I had with my boy.

This is Chicken & Mushroom Pie. The first time I made a pie. My boy loveeees it (the important thing for me)

Piece of the pie

And I made an Apple Pie. My hubby and I love this apple pie, but my boy didn't want to eat it. Sigh.

And I made this cake. In Bahasa we call it Kue Sus. My hubby think they still need more improvement.

And today's menu is Curry Fried Tempe. Tempe is an Indonesian food made from fermented soy bean.

Dont' ask me why the foods look so weird. It's all my own idiot way to make edible food for my son. I cannot cook and even when I saw recipes I cannot follow the direction perfectly. So... All I can say to my boy is ENJOY!!!! LoL

What is this? What is that? - Part 2

The last photo session is about a grasshopper I found hugging a tree trunk. I'm afraid of insects but this grasshopper lost his both back legs (the leg for jumping around) so I knew it safe for me :P. 

Feel sorry for it, because I know the birds would catch it soon or later.... Huhuhuuuuuu. I don't like insects but I never wish they die too.

But with no legs, I can make a MACRO picture of the grasshopper and found some beautiful ornaments on his body. (Can I say ornaments? lol)

This is the handicapped tree hugger.

Lets take a closer look

And closer...

And it moved to my broom's stick

Do you notice his beautiful body is covered by textures more like emboss ornaments? Even so... I never ever want to touch it. So sorry but I have a terrible phobia to all insects

Overall It was an interesting day

Friday, July 3, 2009

What is this? What is that?

Today I went out from my nest with my toddler. I told him that we're gonna do some gardening. lol. He did the gardening for me of course (throwing out the stones from the garden, sweeping the leaves, and watering) and I had time to observe the other part of my house (which I never touch before *I hate gardening*)

I took my digicam and start to hunt every possible thing I could catch with the camera. And hey I felt a simple happiness I used to know before. For an anti-toddler like me, having a boy is not easy. And I also have a lot of family issue since I got married. I still can't get the way chinese thinking about relationship and way of life (I marry a chinese guy from a traditional chinese family, I am chinese myself but most my family live (or had been lived) in Europe and US). Aaaah forget about that. Anyway... I just want to share all the treasure-junk like that lay in front of my house - In MACRO so we can have another perspective from the ordinary world.

I've told you that I have gardening, haven't I? Ahahaha. And after few months wild grass and weeds fill my small garden. If you see them in MACRO mode like I did, they are not so bad actually. With the purple tiny flowers and some beautiful white buds...

And heyyyy I have clovers! Too bad they are not four leaves clovers (it consider lucky?). But I still love to see the clovers in my garden. They grow in a small groups between the rocks. Nice...

And some tiny plants that grow on the wall. If you look behind the camera, it looks like a tiny forest with different kind of leaves, flowers and branches.

And my neighbour's tree got sick (can I say that a tree get sick?) It has tiny black dots all over the leaves. Yaiks! Since I am not good at all with the plants, I don't know if it's ok or not. But The tree looks really ugly with all the black things all over it.

And this is the inside part of tree trunk MACRO. Fibers all the way... 

And I have a big junk in my garden. It is my very old bicycle. My dad bought it for me when I was in elementary school. Hoaaaaaaaaa. It's a long long long time ago. But this is my first bike and I beg it for a whole week. Hehehe. Now the beautiful bike looks only like a rusty junk in my garden, still a lot of people told me not to throw away that old bike. *Even one of my friend send me a short message on my cell to remind me not to throw it away. Ahahaha. The most loveable bike.

Here is my old bike... Can't you see it's old and beautiful? be continue
(My friend is calling me to chat). Byeeeee