Friday, July 3, 2009

What is this? What is that?

Today I went out from my nest with my toddler. I told him that we're gonna do some gardening. lol. He did the gardening for me of course (throwing out the stones from the garden, sweeping the leaves, and watering) and I had time to observe the other part of my house (which I never touch before *I hate gardening*)

I took my digicam and start to hunt every possible thing I could catch with the camera. And hey I felt a simple happiness I used to know before. For an anti-toddler like me, having a boy is not easy. And I also have a lot of family issue since I got married. I still can't get the way chinese thinking about relationship and way of life (I marry a chinese guy from a traditional chinese family, I am chinese myself but most my family live (or had been lived) in Europe and US). Aaaah forget about that. Anyway... I just want to share all the treasure-junk like that lay in front of my house - In MACRO so we can have another perspective from the ordinary world.

I've told you that I have gardening, haven't I? Ahahaha. And after few months wild grass and weeds fill my small garden. If you see them in MACRO mode like I did, they are not so bad actually. With the purple tiny flowers and some beautiful white buds...

And heyyyy I have clovers! Too bad they are not four leaves clovers (it consider lucky?). But I still love to see the clovers in my garden. They grow in a small groups between the rocks. Nice...

And some tiny plants that grow on the wall. If you look behind the camera, it looks like a tiny forest with different kind of leaves, flowers and branches.

And my neighbour's tree got sick (can I say that a tree get sick?) It has tiny black dots all over the leaves. Yaiks! Since I am not good at all with the plants, I don't know if it's ok or not. But The tree looks really ugly with all the black things all over it.

And this is the inside part of tree trunk MACRO. Fibers all the way... 

And I have a big junk in my garden. It is my very old bicycle. My dad bought it for me when I was in elementary school. Hoaaaaaaaaa. It's a long long long time ago. But this is my first bike and I beg it for a whole week. Hehehe. Now the beautiful bike looks only like a rusty junk in my garden, still a lot of people told me not to throw away that old bike. *Even one of my friend send me a short message on my cell to remind me not to throw it away. Ahahaha. The most loveable bike.

Here is my old bike... Can't you see it's old and beautiful? be continue
(My friend is calling me to chat). Byeeeee

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