Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is this? What is that? - Part 2

The last photo session is about a grasshopper I found hugging a tree trunk. I'm afraid of insects but this grasshopper lost his both back legs (the leg for jumping around) so I knew it safe for me :P. 

Feel sorry for it, because I know the birds would catch it soon or later.... Huhuhuuuuuu. I don't like insects but I never wish they die too.

But with no legs, I can make a MACRO picture of the grasshopper and found some beautiful ornaments on his body. (Can I say ornaments? lol)

This is the handicapped tree hugger.

Lets take a closer look

And closer...

And it moved to my broom's stick

Do you notice his beautiful body is covered by textures more like emboss ornaments? Even so... I never ever want to touch it. So sorry but I have a terrible phobia to all insects

Overall It was an interesting day


wiffy said...

beautiful close up! What macro lens u using? I'm thinking of saving up for a macro lens in future, photography is such an expensive hobby T_T Have you tried macroing hamster's face, that will be soooo cute hehe

Artholic said...

I use nikon lens 60mm macro.

Never do macro for hamster. Ahahaha. Macro lens has sharp effect and detail, I don't think it looks good on soft fur of hamster. Just my thought though...