Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Desk New Wardrobe

Building a house for me is almost similar with falling in love for the first time. My heart's beating faster everytime I have a new stuff and can't wait to tell the world how much I love it. I know it's a crazy thing to do, because it doesn't look pretty at all but I simply love it. Just like falling in love rite?

Today the first time I saw my wardrobe and desk... And just like the other part of my house, I love them! Too bad I didn't bring any wide-lenses today. I couldn't take a good picture of the wardrobe since it is sooo big.

Here is the glimpse of my desk and wardrobe (it's on the other side of my bedroom)

The classic style of Louis Chair and cute desk by Pottery Barn (click here for the collection) and a modern look glass wardrobe. All in brown - blue shade (Currently I'm crazy with this colour combination).

Here is the real pic of the desk by Pottery Barn

I love the detail from the chair. It's in a rustic look...


And... the fabric is fabulous. It has a shabby soft feeling, not as glamour as the same type of chair I saw, but still has an elegance aura.

With different textures on it, the brown part is softer than the blue part. It feels 3D. lol. The brown part also a bit thicker than the blue.

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