Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Story of the Things

Some stuffs are really made my day. These are small things that I really love to use as soon as possible. The beautiful dinner-set that match to the colour of my house, a cute candle holder my hubby bought for me because he knows how much I love candle, an old dark brown candle holder where you can put 4 candles at once, the cutest cow painting I've ever seen from Rob Scotton and one special incense tower from my mom!

This one is an old stuff I always bring along. I forget where i bought this but this candle holder has an earthy smell. I don't know why it has wet soil smell but I just love it.

Finally the cow pictures arrived (I ordered them from a website www.art.com) and got them framed as soon as they arrived. Love the result. Hope I can find a good spot to hang them on...

Another unique stuff in my collection. My mom sent this with all the cow pictures. This is incense tower. It made from wood and the idea is just to put some burned incense inside and close the tower. The smell is incredible. I use sandalwood sticks, burn them and enjoy it. It makes my room smells like old woods and I feel like I'm in a really old place hundreds years ago.

Next thing is artificial cow skin. I love the motif of cow skin but I against real fur material. So artificial is the best thing for me. This one is not the good fake cow skin but I'm quite happy because I bought this with bargain price.

A pair of noodle bowl. My hubby is a fan of noodle and he bought a beautiful bowl for his 'hobby'. Since I love to collect all the cute things I asked him to buy another piece for me. Hehe. Now I have a pair of this noodle bowl...

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Natalie Allen said...

I was googling and saw your post about your cowhide faux rug. Where did you get it at?